Welcome to the homepage of Tokyo Garden Fencing Club!!

We are always accepting new members. Come and join our club sessions.

Who are we?

The Tokyo Garden Fencing Club was established in 2015 at Chofu city, Tokyo. The purpose of our club’s establishment is to spread fencing in Japan and make a place where anyone can join and practice in Japan.

We have two main types of session.
Learn to fence classes (for beginner)
Open Bouting (for experienced fencer)

Join us!!

If you have fenced before, we recommend joining the open bouting sessions. Our open bouting session is an opportunity for experienced fencers to free fence with our members, coaches and guests. Even if you come to our club only once or a few times, you are welcome to join in the open bouting.

Notification!! Please send an application form to us for your first visiting.

Foil Schedule:    Wed 18:30~21:00,
                             Fri 18:30~21:00,
                             Sat 18:30~21:00,
                             Sun 14:30~17:00

Saber Schedule: Fri 18:30~21:00,
                             Sat 18:30~21:00

Epee Schedule:   Wed 18:30~21:00,
                             Sun 14:30~17:00

Please come and leave whenever you like during the above time.

Cost: Open bouting1200yen/a time
     Praivate lesson 2700yen/a time(30min)


We have beginners’ classes, tournaments, other events.
If you want to get more information, please contact us.